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First Wallpaper

Well, just a straight up mac-themed for now.

Currently my background.


14 Responses

  1. looks great! i like it. but is there supposed to be some kind of subliminal message? it looks like a sperm lol.

  2. Nice IMage. please.. email me if you have more image. thans Bor Nice work

  3. It looks like a sperm.

  4. dude, nice.

  5. lol it looks kind of like a sperm.

  6. its cool……..

  7. Mac Sperm

  8. QbYUl8 comment4 ,

  9. This wallpaper is amazing.

  10. Nice, but um… what are you trying to make the apple look like?

  11. I hope you realize that it resembles sperm

  12. It good but not that mach

  13. haha the mac sperm is priceless! sick wallpaper matches my brand new unibody white macbook (:

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